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Steps to Prioritize When Separating

Steps to Prioritize When Separating

Tue, 18th Feb 2020

Separating from your partner can be an emotional and confusing time, and knowing what steps to take after separation might not seem clear. In our experience, focusing on the practical matters to be resolved is the best first step.  Parenting and property orders for example, should be your first priority to deal with. 

As part of your separation, there will be changes to your living situation – namely, one or both parties will move out of the home you shared together. If one person is moving out and the other is staying, this can be a difficult decision to make, but one that we encourage you to finalise as soon as you can after separating.

You also do not have to wait until you are divorced to finalise your property arrangements. The way that your property is shared will vary depending on your individual circumstances, and it is important that you seek legal advice to support this process.

If you have children, the arrangements with your co-parent should also be finalised as soon as is practicable.  If you are able to, working together to create your parenting agreement with your co-parent is likely to lead to an arrangement you are both happier with in the long run, however we understand this is not always possible.  Things to consider in this process are matters such as the schedule of when you both spend time with your children, expense sharing, and things like special occasions and school holidays. Ideally you will be able to come up with an arrangement that you both agree on, and which supports your children’s wellbeing.

Whilst it may feel overwhelming, firming up these practical matters early on in your separation will ultimately help in allowing you the time and space further in the process to deal with the emotional and financial matters that may arise.

It should also be noted that you can only apply for divorce in Australia after you have been separated for a period of at least 12 months.

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