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Meet Richard Goldsmith

Meet Richard Goldsmith

Fri, 13th Apr 2018

Meet Richard Goldsmith: A lawyer that has mastered how to fold a fitted sheet … one of his many hidden talents!

Why law?

The social justice aspect attracted me; the idea that we are all subject to the same laws and rules was an appealing concept to me (it still is!).


Favourite family outing?

A long lunch followed by a movie in Gold Class.


Where can we find you on the weekend?

If not at home, then I’m either at lunch with my wife or at the local footy with my son.


If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be and why?

An accountant – numbers are logical and never lie.


Favourite holiday destination and why?

Hamilton Island, a three hour direct flight and you can be in your hotel room 15 minutes after you land! 


What is your hidden talent/fun fact about yourself?

  • I can fold a fitted sheet.
  • I taught myself how to tie a necktie by reverse engineering the one my father did for me.
  • In Grade 6 I could solve the Rubix Cube in about 60 seconds.

What are three things still left on your bucket list?

London. Paris. Rome.


If you could abolish or create one law what would it be and why?

Establish an overarching anti-corruption committee to investigate and prosecute corrupt politicians from local council through to Federal Government.

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