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Construction Law on the Mornington Peninsula

Construction Law on the Mornington Peninsula

Wed, 6th Nov 2019

You may or may not be surprised to know that construction is the top industry in the Mornington Peninsula.

A 2016 report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that the top three industries Mornington Peninsula Shire residents were employed in, were:

Whilst the top three occupations of residents were:

With construction and trades workers featuring in the top two results, it’s no wonder that Construction Law is one of our primary areas of focus at Carroll Goldsmith Lawyers.

There are many specific rules and regulations for those operating a construction business, particularly for those in charge of building site or a works site for which a building permit or works permit has been issued.  These are all contained in the Building Works Code of Practice, which is an Annexure to the General Purpose Local Law (2012).

Some key items to consider are:

  • Site Containment
  • Site Identification
  • Noise
  • Stormwater Protection
  • Dust
  • Containment and Removal of Refuse
  • Sanitary Facilities
  • Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic, Hazards and Safety, and
  • Inspections

At Carroll Goldsmith Lawyers, we are able to provide advice and representation to local government and statutory bodies in areas such as disputes and litigation, planning and environment law, regulatory law, employment law, property law, construction law, intellectual property, information technology, procurement and contracting.

In addition, our technical advice extends to our lawyers being able to advise on the application of relevant Acts and Regulations that affect local government.

If you are starting your own business in the construction industry, or growing as a business, or taking on complex projects, we recommend contacting us to arrange your free 30 minute consultation to discuss your rights and responsibilities.

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